'; Bad Things About Interior Design
Bad Things About Interior Design

Bad Things About Interior Design

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Bad Things About Interior Design

Bad Things About Interior Design

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  • You will sometimes have your name tarnished by bad tradespeople.

    Bad things about interior design. This doesnt have to be a con but you have to be very careful in who you or your clients select to carry out your designs. Interior design trends say a lot about the times in which they emerged. Popcorn ceilings shag rugs beveled glassthe list goes on. Working for a client will also mean sticking with her own personal project budget.

    In honor of elle decors 30th anniversary were taking you back in time for a look at some of the industrys biggest design crimeshere some of our go to interior decorators expose major design disasters you should avoid at all costs from 1989. Neutral palettes have been a trend for quite some time and that has led to quite a bite of boring. From the opulent gold accents of the gilded age to the vibrant psychedelic patterns of the 1970s decor mimics whats going on in society at large. The disadvantages of interior designing timeline.

    From awkwardly placed columns questionable finishes and really really weird toilets the interior design disasters are so bad theyre almost good. Interior designing for a client other than yourself can leave you with specific deadlines and timelines to. If they do a poor job or lack integrity the clients dream kitchen or other space could end up a disaster with your name attached to it. Common interior design mistakes to avoid a lack of color.

    But that doesnt mean all of these trends are nice to look at.


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